9am and a very gloomy morning, with a fine sprinkling of snow over everything, proper February.  Yesterday afternoon was all high skies and brightness and the birds were all busy and singing.  Not today though!

The little flock of Wood Pigeons are plodding around the grass looking for anything reasonably edible with the resident Blackbird rushing about between them grabbing crumbs from under their beaks.  If he upsets them too much they take off in unison like a small cloud, circle and come back down on a different part of the garden. And in between all of them the little hedge birds dart in and out like small brown mice.

When we have finished our breakfast I will feed them and refill the  bird water.  Not just for the birds but squirrels and stray cats and it is rumoured,  odd Fox and small deer but we very rarely see them.  And in the better weather the hedgehogs will call by but they are all asleep this weather and who can blame them, very sensible.

It sounds like the countryside doesn’t it but it isn’t.  It would have been a century ago but now each little village joins the next and new Estates cover the adjoining fields and I think we are now Suburban.

And I don’t really mind, in the Summer I yearn for endless fields and meandering rivers and views around every bend but this time of year I am happy to hunker down, with a bus stop across the road and shops and library around the corner.

My day dreams are a small flat in the middle of London within reach of Exhibitions, theatres and museums, and a small Georgian terraced house in Southwold on the East Coast and a cottage in Wales, and of course keep this house in the Midlands, nice and central!

To fund all of this Plan ‘A’ was to marry a millionaire but my Other Half objected!  Plan ‘B’ to win the lottery, just as unlikely especially as I only buy tickets every now and again.  So I am on to Plan ‘C’, children and grandchildren turning out to be rich and famous and remember their aging relatives!

Day dreams only though, I am quite contented with my life at the moment, enough for me and mine and a bit to spare for those that need a helping hand.  I am not complaining.

We have changed our brand of coffee grounds, it must be that infusing my blog with ‘wishes and horses’ etc.  Just going to have another cup, checking it out!