The Saga of the Cooker, Part Eleventy Three,  Apparently next Tuesday, all being well – they are going to deliver and fit the replacement cooker.   And on this subject I shall say no more until next Wednesday!

I had a terrible dream last night.  I dreamt that my Other Half and I were consigned to one of those ‘Old Peoples’ enclaves, in Cleethorpes! (Understand I have no axe to grind about Cleethorpes, it is probably lovely).  We were living in a tiny prefabricated shed, amongst rows of others and because as we all know keeping pets is good for the Elderly each couple were given a Tortoise!  And bath nights were communal in front of the Club House fire!  And on Saturday nights we were allowed free Taxis into Town as long as we weren’t too rowdy.

I woke up in a bit of a sweat, worrying about keeping Tortoises and stripping off in a tin bath in front of the neighbours!

Thankfully only a dream but I think I need to dilute whatever News Headlines I read with a bit of frivolity, especially just before bedtime as they seem to be the equivalent of a cheese sandwich for supper!