In 1599, Shakespeare wrote of ‘second childhood’, old age to you and me, “sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything”.  And ‘sans’ means ‘without’!

How right he was and although old age remains – Old Age,  these days due to the power of modern knowledge and ability  I have just been to the Dentist, the Chiropodist and soon the Opticians.  Oh yes, and for a check up at the Doctors!

I am not sure that I am as good as new, but ‘touch wood’ all seems to be functioning and as much as I love Shakespeare I have no desire to travel back to his times and I guess nor has anyone else..

It is a fact that eventually all you ‘Bright Young’ or should I say ‘Younger People’ will one day, if your luck holds, be as old as me, or even older and so, don’t presume that the NHS will always be there for you.  Do something about it now!

And to all those people of my age, who say to me “nobody listens to me so it is not worth commenting, complaining, doing something”  get off your bottoms whilst you can and make your voices heard!