I am done with winter now!

When I looked back over my Blog to last January, I didn’t really start moaning about the winter until February.

Obviously a year on, a year older there is a truth in the adage that old people get impatient, or perhaps I mean more impatient.

I have had some kind of bug.  I have spent the last 24 hours wrapped up to my eyebrows stoking up the fire and turning up the heating.  Today, apart from feeling as if I have been run over by a train I am much better.

But I am sick of the grey weather and the cold, and yes I know it could be much worse!

Auntie Pat on her mountain top in Italy has had a week’s worth of almost non-stop snow and power cuts and she is as fed up as me.

So no more moaning, whilst I was off my feet an army broke in and marched all over the house with dirty boots eating very crumbly food. My Other Half swears he never saw them!

And tonight, after doing a bit of light fettling in the house I am going to a meeting to moan about the NHS, right on trend in spite of my age, or maybe because of it!