We will not speak of the dreaded camera today.  There can only be so much stress in my life and weather is today’s quota;

I am planning on staying in the warm and maybe playing with my new oven.  A good day to do a bit of baking I feel and it will be a good test of how hot or not the oven is running.

Ovens all run slightly differently and it adds to my admiration of the contestants that cooked on the Great British Bake Off.  The first few times in a strange kitchen being filmed and watched constantly must be an absolute nightmare, no matter how competent you are.

And I am definitely not, so there will be much muttering etc.  And should my baking be under par I shall not confess.  I shall cover it with custard and serve it as pudding.

Whilst I have been sitting here the snow has mostly melted away and the sky is bright.  I always feel extremely blessed when heavy snowfalls pass us by but then I am a cold mortal and hate the icy weather.  On the other hand some love the snow, my Grandson for one, who went to school very cheerily this morning and will be sad if it is all gone by the time he gets home this afternoon.

A very English post today, the weather and cake!