I started a blog yesterday and then gave up in disgust.  I just could not get the picture that I wanted to post out of the camera and onto here or my Facebook site.

And so this morning I am not even going there.  I am sticking with my scanner which limits me as to what I can post but on the other hand works!

So here is a lovely picture.


The front cover of a 1950’s American Saturday Evening Post.  Don’t you just love the gentle humour?  Although I expect that the wailing and shrieking which is sure to follow will not be so gentle.

I just love these American Magazines they remind me of Doris Day and ice cold Coca-Cola and sunny summers.

We wandered off to browse the stalls at the Antique Fair at Uttoxeter Race Course at the weekend and a little bundle of these magazines were the treasures that I found and my Other Half got a lovely green Carnival Glass bowl with a very pretty finish.  So we were both contented.

It always seems very unsatisfactory if you don’t find anything that you like and can afford  when you are wandering the stalls.

Still working on the camera.  If I conquer it I can show you the lovely green glass as well!