img_0001Pouring over the instructions for the new camera!

Just to prove that after several hours I have finally managed to get this picture out of the camera and onto my blog, hooray!

And another success, the new cooker is here, installed and functioning.  No pictures of that yet.  Don’t rush me.

The only danger with the computer and camera now, is that I have tried so many variations, I may not be able to replicate the process.  Maybe!

And another rather depressing thing is that in this photo I look just like my Granny.  Facebook keep asking me to replace the silhouette on my icon with a picture.  I prefer the silhouette, it looks younger and thinner.  And yes,  I know that I could put any picture up there but I like the anonymity, or did.

img_0003And to finish, the last pot of coffee brewing before they come and consign my lovely old cooker to the tip.  Very sad!