We are down to the last of the chocolate and the fridge is full of dead cheese.  Christmas is now officially over in this house.

And so we are back to normal!  Or what for us passes as normal.

There are always many things that in this old house need fixing.  They were next years jobs until this week,  some more urgent than others.

The sink in the down stairs cloakroom has cracked right across, goodness knows when or why, and has spent all Christmas swathed in ‘Fragile’ tape just so that we wouldn’t forget and lean on it in a moment of passing Pensioner-ness.

A shame really as we do have a list of priorities and now every thing has moved down a slot to accommodate a new sink and of course so it matches, a toilet.

And my house has been relatively free of teetering boxes of glass all over Christmas. Such a delight, however in fairness to my Other Half,  I cannot leave all his precious glass stacked on the veranda forever.   So reluctantly it must be brought in and sorted ready for our next Bowman’s fair at Stafford Showground at the beginning of February.

There are many other things that got relegated ‘to next year’ but we like to make haste slowly.   Good job really as there is still only me fit and well at the moment.  My Other Half’s bruised ribs are still giving him grief and any heavy lifting is all down to me!