Now that January is here I can look forward again.  I always find that December and Christmas are a kind of buffer that stop me looking beyond so New Year to me is such a relief.

We are not good a forward planning my Other Half and me.  Something to do with both being the same Star Sign I expect, and he waits for me and I wait for him and often nothing at all gets done until the last possible moment.

So it is good that we have the discipline of  various Antique Fairs to keep us in line.  By the end of this month we plan!  Hopefully to have our favourites and relevant hotels booked and written large in the diary.

Then hopefully we can slot in a few experimental ones (for us that is).  We like to try a couple of different ones each year, sometimes they work out but not always.

It does us good to broaden our horizons and every Fair/Organiser/Area is different.  I like to think that it is good for us, character building!

Every year at this Calendar sorting time,  (in my head) I plan to book a Summer Fair, either way down South, or way up North and when the time comes fill the van and go and have a ‘look see’ how things are in Foreign (for us) Parts.

If we don’t sort it now, last minute lodgings in high Summer are difficult to find and exorbitantly expensive. And up to now we never have managed the organisation at the right time aspect of it all.

But may be now, it is ‘writ large’ and not just in my head, we can do it.