Well, it transpires that my poor son has broken ribs from his dog rescuing episode of three weeks ago.

He has been to the local Doctors, and was assured that it is just bruising and then his work place has practically bullied him into going in for his eight hour shifts after grudgingly letting him have a week off and last night at the end of shift he was in so much pain that he went straight to A&E  and they told him that his three broken ribs are healing but to take it easy!

No wonder he has been in agony all over Christmas and can only function with vast amounts of pain killers.

I heard a news report the other day saying that the NHS was warning that there was such a shortage of GP’s that there could be a 4 week wait at some surgeries for an appointment!

Truly most GP’s are marvellous and then there are some that it is not worth the wait for.  Locally we have a few of those and seriously, no matter how over stretched A&E departments are sometimes it would be better to turn up there than take useless advice, which is usually along the lines of, ‘lose/gain some weight and wait and see what happens’, regardless of what your symptoms are.

This is a moan because I am cross.  The NHS is not free.  Me and mine have worked all our lives and paid our dues for it and each time we have seriously needed it we have had to wait and debate for our needs.

The NHS does not need the plush trappings and board rooms and car parks which make obscene amounts of money.

And yes I know that it is not just us that have to wait and get pushed from pillar to post, and brushed off with platitudes!

It needs less ignorant administrators, who play at running hospitals by account books, less University Graduates who don’t want to sully their hands.

Less closed buildings and wards, less of the farming out of services for exorbitant amounts of money and more, please many more of those lovely people who work their socks off trying to keep it all going, usually underpaid and under appreciated.

A gentle rant, and a generalisation but you get the drift!