Forward, you have just got to keep looking forward, and of course forward looking.  Two slightly different things but really appropriate at this time of year in the doldrums period between Christmas and New Year.

Doldrums, something to do with Wind and Weather areas, at sea I do believe, although I could be wrong it is a long time since I did Geography at school.

But anyway the weather here this morning after a very frosty start is glorious sunshine and the garden birds can’t believe their luck.  Especially after a week of Drear and Gloom they are enjoying it and even more so the remains of the Turkey.  Not a lot of it left actually.  My son kindly cooked and served it to us,  with all the trimmings on Christmas Day, not his favourite but he knows that I love a plate full once a year.

But it was time to get rid, and we have moved on to the very tasty piece of Beef that he cooked on Boxing Day.

You will just note here that I am still without ovens that work.  In some ways it has been very liberating, shifting all proper cooking on to someone else and then on the other hand frustrating in so many ways that I have never even considered before.

Warming plates and dishes for example.  And yes I do have a microwave and copious amounts of hot water but I miss just shoving everything onto the hot plate and even more importantly there is now nowhere to keep my coffee warm in the mornings.

I have, however got a new gadget, a soup maker.  I have coveted one for years but it just seemed so decadent to put everything into a pot, switch it on and wait half an hour when making soup on the stove is not much more complicated.  The kids bought it for me and I am thrilled with it.  Yes it is that simple and yes, it is decadent but I love it and it works like magic and makes tasty soup!

All this talk of food makes me realise that it is lunch time and I have a fridge full of yummy cheese and cold beef of course.  Then there is always the ham and a little pickle and salad!  And of course soup for supper!

Forward looking you see, and looking forward to rather a rotund New Year!