We are in the throes of cleaning windows, a job that we avoid for large swathes of the year due to the fact that there are many of them and most of them are small leaded 1930’s panes (pains).  When we can no longer make out the garden through a grey filter it is time.

The outsides are always clean, thanks to our window cleaner,  Richard and his merry men and so as we work our way around the revealed sparkling windows are a constant delight and we vow to clean them more often, but we lie!

And I have cleared and cleaned out the utility room, and I have even cleaned the leaded window in there, a very rare happening I can assure you.

Now, if I were a sensible woman I would shift all the heaps of boxes etc. out of the hall and into the utility room but what a shame to sully that lovely empty, clean floor space!  Tomorrow, maybe.

And anyway, I know with the wisdom of years that there is a law which states ‘No empty space shall go un-filled’.  A definite truth.

Closely allied to ‘Slot A into Slot Z’ and this whole house works upon those two principles.  If I have spelt that wrongly sorry, and you know what I mean!

So in a few days all will be back to normal and we shall be picking our way carefully through tottering heaps of things in the Stygian gloom!