Clicking the radio on when I get up and listening to the news whilst making my coffee has become a bit of a habit of late, however I am not sure that it is good for my blood pressure.

Getting all the misery diluted by very few sound bites of good news is not always a good way to start my day.

It tends to make me very shouty.  Compounded this morning by the fact that my gas cooker has blown a fuse, how weird is that?  No hot plate, no ignition, still it could be worse the gas rings do work with the application of a match.

Back in the olden days the lack of a match could cause endless misery and usually entailed nipping next door and borrowing one.  You can keep your cup of sugar, matches are the way forward.

And my life is still a bit chaotic at the moment, what with one thing and another.

Dave is decorating the bathroom.  He is a good man, methodical and puts up well with all our and our house’s little peculiarities but decorating tends to creep all over the house so along with endless boxes and heaps of stuff for the Antique Fairs are now added towels and toothbrushes and dust!

And Aunty Pat in Italy is still threatening to come for a flying visit in December with her daughter and son-in-law and grand daughter.

She has plans to meet an old friend in Carluccio’s Leicester and the family want to go shopping in London for a day or so and she tells  me that the plane times are not very accommodating and that the tiny slot of dates that I have given her  between our three December Antique Fairs and our House sitting for my daughter may not quite fit with what they might plan!

And I just hate Christmas shopping lists but it has to be done,  my family and others are all descending here on Boxing day and hopefully, eventually we shall be able to offer a bit more than a just a cheese sandwich.

And now I am drinking cold coffee, its not fair as the kids all tell me and I agree!