The Victorians used to worry about the ‘undeserving poor’.

Quite often the ‘Haves’ came to the conclusion that the ‘Have Nots’  deserved all they got, or in their case didn’t get!

I have never gone hungry or homeless which doesn’t mean that I am rich but throughout my life if there has been any spare I have tried to pass some of it on.

I dare say, that over the years not all of this has reach those that I hoped it would but the thought was there.  The intentions were good.

The above was the beginning of the Blog that I started 3 or 4 days ago.  I got interrupted, then later I just couldn’t find the Draft and then I went off the whole thing and was going to delete it when I finally did find it again but it seemed a shame to waste those words!

Any way since then everyone has written almost everything that I might have ended up saying and so……………….’What they said’ or ‘Not what they said’ depending on whatever it was!

Those that know me should be able to guess which box I would metaphorically tick and if you don’t,  feel free to do your own thing.