Kate (Daughter) and I went Supermarket Shopping yesterday.  We don’t live terribly far from each other, half an hour by car but sometimes we don’t manage to get together for a gossip for what seems like forever!

So yesterday was a joy.  As always she was full of enthusiasm and chat, in spite of having a stiff neck that has reduced her to tears a few times this week. We shopped and chatted,  of ships and shoes and politics and children etc.

And she has a new scheme a-brewing.  Each week we both donate to Food Banks, it is good to share, just a few bits and pieces that we add to the trolley as we are going around the shelves.  But a few weeks ago we read about making up Advent boxes, instead of lighting candles each day you put something special/ Chrismassy in a box to be given eventually to the Food Bank.

Of course you have to start a week or so before Advent, otherwise there wouldn’t be time to share out the boxes.  And of course it has to be things that won’t spoil.

When I was little we always had a few special things at Christmas that sat in the pantry and were brought out on Christmas Day.  Biscuits and cakes and tins of toffee and chocolate that we didn’t get year round, perhaps a new set of decorated water glasses for the table along with Christmas Crackers, which were probably paid for a few pennies a week for months before hand.  But it was magic and special to us kids.

And how nice to recreate some of that magic and so that is what we are doing.  And Kate being Kate has pushed the idea on the Internet and is, hopefully getting a few more people interested and the local radio etc.

But you don’t have to join our gang, there are food banks all over the Country who would be pleased with a bit of a Seasonal  boost and so would their customers.

Baked Beans are all very well and good but a little bit of Christmas would be better.  And it doesn’t have to be a whole box of stuff, small amounts grow into big mountains if we all join in.

Come on everybody, join in, make a smile, make several!

How good would that be?