The Antique Fair that we stood at the weekend was nice!

An English Teacher that I knew used to condemn the word ‘nice’.  And I have grown to realise, over the years what she meant.

It was a nice Fair, in a nice venue, run by nice people but for us it wasn’t great or marvellous or any of those other extravagant adjectives.

It was nice, and we did in the end make a small profit but I feel that this probably isn’t really a Fair for us.

It maybe that we aren’t taking the right sort of stock and in our defence we have swapped around what we have taken the last twice but we don’t seem to be ‘pressing the right buttons’ so to speak.

We shall think about it a bit before booking this one again.

Maybe the retro stuff that I have sorted out for a couple of one day Fairs at the beginning of December would suit that venue better.

Who knows? Certainly not us but we shall keep on trying!