I woke at my usual 7-ish, and laid in bed listening to the world waking up.  The first bus pausing at the bus stop across the road, then our neighbour setting off for work.  I can work out what the weather is by him, motor bike if it is going to be nice, otherwise his car.

The school children start to go by just before 8am and then it is time for the little children next door to leave and by then the traffic is quite busy and no more excuses for me to lay- a-bed and coffee calls.

Tomorrow we shall be up and away by 6-ish.  We have to be at Gaydon Motor Museum for 7am to unload all our antiques and set up our stall, so today’s lie in was doubly delightful and to be savoured as much as possible.

And hopefully for the rest of today, I shall make haste slowly gathering my strength for what I hope will be the next two busy days at Field Dogs Antique Fair at The Motor Museum at Gaydon near Banbury.