Nearly finished loading for Field Dogs Fair at Gaydon Motor Museum over the coming weekend.

I know I have been whittling away at it for the last week or more but actually you cannot claim that you are fully loaded until 2 minutes before you set off and even then we have been known to get to the corner of our Road and turn back to pick up whatever we have forgotten.

Or even worse not notice what we have forgotten until we are unloading at the other end and at 7am in the morning staggering around with boxes and tables, one tends to get a bit short-tempered about such things.

We chose to do this Fair near Banbury because it is a nice one and we have done it before, it is almost on our doorstep and with short days and the chance of inclement weather that is a bonus but half of me yearns to be standing Bowman’s Antique and Arts Fair at Harrogate Showground.

It is  much bigger than the Motor Museum Fair and I like the hustle and  bustle of a big Fair but Yorkshire is a long journey from here and we are wimps about the weather etc as we get older.  However we shall stand Harrogate in May when the countryside around there shows promise of Spring and the days are lengthening and somehow that seems to ameliorate any threat of bad weather and bad journeys.