I still cannot make my camera talk to my computer.  Otherwise I would have posted a photo of my garden looking like a giant bowl of crispy golden cornflakes this morning.

My Other Half remarked a few days ago that the trees were a glorious colour and holding onto their leaves well this year, and ever since then it has been raining golden leaves, so it is all obviously his fault.

Crunching around the grass this morning looking for the Bird water, I was reminded of when we were kids.

Up the lane from our house was a small green.  Thinking about it now there must have been some kind of  vortex over that space in the Autumn and it seemed that every leaf from miles around ended up there. It also attracted all of us kids and for a couple of days we had such fun.

With all those leaves we built castles and had battles, and leaf mountains and  buried each other in them.

It was quite sad when they got too soggy to play with but then we abandoned them and moved on as kids do to the next thing.  Bonfire night I suppose and I expect that is where all those soggy leaves disappeared to, the bonfires!