Every time that I have to spend days sorting out teetering heaps of books etc.  The ones  that have taken over the whole house I promise myself that I will never lose control of it all again!

But I am a terrible liar and already I am thinking that if I can walk across a floor and maybe shut a door that will do.  And I know that it won’t.  On the other hand I am not ever, going to try sorting out for three totally different Fairs all at the same time again.

The problem is that instead of one pile in the Hall waiting to be put in the Car for the Fair at Gaydon Motor Museum this coming weekend, there are now three!  The other two,  both in December,  the Blitz’n’Pieces Retro Fair in Wigston and then Bowman’s Antique Fair at Bingley Hall,  Stafford.

And some things are inter-changeable, which only adds to the chaos.

Then of course Christmas will follow fast behind and we are house sitting for Daughter Kate the week before Christmas.  They arrive back home on Christmas Eve.  And then they are all descending on us on Boxing Day, Kids, Grandkids, friends and three Great Dane puppies!

So as you can imagine I need to clear those floors a.s.a.p.!