Last Monday was Oscar’s 10th Birthday and by the serendipity of Half Term we go to go out for our ‘Granny and Oscar’ Shopping Spree on the actual day!

And obviously the Stars etc. were all aligned because we all, with the sad exception of Uncle Robbers friend Sue ( couldn’t get with the three baby Great Danes who haven’t had their jabs yet, and they mustn’t meet evil cat Derek until they have)  managed to get together for the traditional Feast in the evening.

An amazing feat, under lined by the fact that this Saturday we are having Tallulah’s Feast and her Birthday was way back in July.  Still it proves that we are catching up with our selves.

As everyone gets older and have their own agenda’s it gets more and more difficult to organise ‘get togethers’ with everyone.  A shame really but actually rather nice that they are all growing up with their own social lives, part-time jobs, school and after school things and friends.

Oscar is growing up fast, we had a great day together and visited all our usual haunts, even Build-a-Bear, where he chose a Blue Dragon, I have forgotten its name maybe ‘Storm’ something!  Anyway it is from the ‘How to Teach your Dragon’ series of books, very funny which if you haven’t read I can thoroughly recommend.

He looks at all the price tags now and over lunch he explained to me that many of the things that he had looked at would be cheaper on-line,  although we did manage to delightfully fritter away a fair amount of money.  And he also confided in me that what he didn’t get for his Birthday (presents are not given out until the evening feast) he would put on his Christmas list!  Such a wise boy he is growing into.

And at his feast he got his hearts desire,  the tickets for him and a friend of his choice, to the Harry Potter Experience.  We all volunteered to be his best friend of course!