The house is rapidly turning into ‘Auntie Wainwrights’ front room.  Very funny if you haven’t watched her in action in some of the really old episodes of ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ you should!

She was a junk dealer and wouldn’t let people who wandered into her shop/front room out until she had sold them something!  And her goodies were piled high to the ceiling.

As are ours at the moment.  We are trying to sensibly sort out for three different Fairs.  And as you know if you read my blog very often, we are not practical, nor sensible and are definitely normally  ‘last minute merchants’.

We are trying this time but sadly for me the piles of stuff that usually fill the kitchen and hall just before a Fair have escaped into the rest of the house. The only good thing is that most domestic cleaning is now on hold until possibly the middle of December when the tide of stuff should be diminishing.  Fingers crossed!

Of course the problem is that they are three very different Fairs.

The one at the Gaydon Motor Museum for Field Dog Fairs on the 5th/6th November is by reason of its venue a rather  Male orientated Fair.  Not entirely, there are people who come just for the Antique Fair and there is plenty to tempt them.   But there are also those who come, and they are predominately men just for the Cars and get swept almost reluctantly into the Antiques and we like to take things to especially tempt them.

We love customers who are passionate about their interests.

And then the next Fair is my foray into Retro.

A totally new thing for us but reviewing our stock we realised that a lot of what we carry normally could come under the Retro banner and of course we love an incentive to go stock shopping so now we have enough for several Retro Fairs.  Lets hope all goes well on the 3rd December,  for Blitz ‘n’ Pieces at the Liberal Club, Bull Head Street in Wigston.  As are most of these sort of Fairs just a one-dayer but almost on our door step.  What could go wrong!

And then with a sigh of relief we will be back to Bowman’s Fair at Bingley Hall, Stafford Show Ground on 9th/10th/11th December with our usual miscellany of all things!

And then breathe!

Maybe we will meet you at one of these venues, all good in very different ways.