As I get older I realise that I have a rather simplistic view of things.  It is a general truth that as we get older we revert to childishness,  Note the word ‘childishness’ which can be good or bad.

And of course the past, Pensioners are full of tales and homilies about the good old/bad old days.

Of course I can say all this because I am old, straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak, most of ‘us’ might be slightly insulted should a mere stripling remark upon this.  Not having our  wisdom and experience that is!

I can feel it coming on now after reading the news and Facebook and people’s comments.  I have some opinion about almost everything, not even necessarily the same opinion that I held last week, month or year.

I do however feel very seriously and strongly that ‘as ye sow, so shall ye reap’, maybe not an exact quote, I seem to remember reading it on an old Victorian Sampler. Perhaps some of the old useful things/standards got thrown out in the past in our haste to modernise and civilise.  Maybe!

Still even in my book a Dirty Old/Young Man is still a Lecher and to be avoided at all costs!