I had a Doctors appointment this morning at half eight!  An ungodly hour at the best of times.  The time of day when I like to be waking slowly with a cup of coffee but it had to be done.

The wait because even at that time of day the doctor was running late, was  compounded into my idea of Hell by the television in the corner of the waiting room blaring out American Soaps partnered by a pensioner standing under the box leaning on his shopping trolley giving us all a running commentary.

“Now watch this bit everybody, this is a good bit”  glaring around at us all to make sure that we were paying attention.  “This is the bit where his Dad tells him………….”.

Those of us with phones stared studiously at them trying to ignore the whole thing and it was a blessing to be called.  More tablets but she has promised that these shouldn’t make me ill!

And on the strength of having finished the evil tablets of sickness, we are going to the Pub for lunch.  Hooray!