The Denim jacket that I wear almost every time I go out,  I rarely if ever think about except of late that it is beginning to wear more than a little at the seams.

It is not a fashion statement.  It is comfortable, can double as a pillow, you can dry your hands on it.  Its pockets are practical and zip shut and by the magic of old denim feels lovely and keeps at lot of the weather out.

But now we have gotten to the stage where my Other Half, he of the pastel jumpers and prissy footwear brigade, has begun to notice and remark upon my favourite jacket, I too have been thinking about it.

I have worked out that it must be at least 40 years old.  It was my Mothers and then my Sisters, and mine for the last several years and sadly I have conceded and begun looking for a replacement.

Really an impossibility!  All those years of wear has, what we call ‘wunted’ it in and new denim even stoned washed and pre-worn just doesn’t feel the same.

I have come to the conclusion that it is for me like a child’s comfort blanket and really nothing will ever replace it.  I have a cunning plan that if I have a thin strip of braid/whatever,  stitched along the seams it will probably see me out.

And then in the Sunday Magazine was this article;


Which cheered my heart and I am definitely having my seams done!

By the way, I don’t look anything like the pictures, my jacket may, on someone else but it would take a miracle to turn a small, round rather rotund old lady into any of the above.

And some of those prices!  I will stick with what I have but it is rather nice to think that I am in there even briefly with the trend setters.

Which proves that if you stand still long enough all things, eventually  come round again!