I got up early again this morning and made the terrible  mistake of listening to the news!

Doom, more doom, misery and idiocy!

Which has left me feeling miserable and overwhelmed by almost everything.

Politics for instance, I am all for a bit of history, and sadly what it teaches us at the moment is that nothing changes.  No matter with what great ideals and determination most people who go into politics as a career have,  they tend to end up bastardising their beliefs for ……………., what?  The good of the party?  Money? or maybe they find it just to difficult?  Whatever,  humanity and caring just doesn’t seem to be the thing at the moment.

Where ever and whatever, there is a culture of ‘Self’, me and mine first and the devil take the hind most.

As a child I was carried away with stories about the Wonders of the World and amongst them wonderful cities like Aleppo,and Beirut to name just a couple that spring to mind.

Although I could add our own Cities that were destroyed during wars, and those in all parts of the world.  Destroyed, as they all have been by the greed and ignorance of man.

Shakespeare’s England was entranced by stories of Savages  We are Savages, in spite of our thin veneer of civilisation.

I have read this through several times and it still doesn’t really say every thing that I want it to. but I feel the need to comment and it will do.