Peterborough, East of England Antique Fair, was enormous, the weather until the knockings was kind and the crowds of customers turned up in their hundreds.  Our pitch was good, our neighbours around us nice but sadly it wasn’t our turn to take money!

Actually we took enough to cover our costs and for that we are grateful, some stall holders didn’t take that much.

The gossip, and Antique Fairs are hot beds of gossip, was that the nice weather attracted so many more outside stalls that people had spent all their money before they got to us in the inside halls.

One of the vagaries of all Fairs these days is total inconsistency but I have to admit that when we go to Fairs as customers, like Malvern with inside and outside stalls, if the weather is nice we always do the outside first.  It would be mad not to!

The next Fair at Peterborough is Easter 2017 and we have already booked.  The Fair and the lodgings!  But before then I shall seriously reconsider what I take with me.  My Other Half’s glass is a constant but my paper, books and ephemera has not been doing so well there, never really has although it has never done so badly as this time.  Obviously some more thought is needed.

Usually if I am not doing so well his glass picks up the slack and vica-versa (Spelling).  But not this time,  more work required!

But Easter is a long way away and it is lovely to be home.  And better still we don’t have another Fair until Gaydon, near Banbury in about 3 weeks time.

So we have time to sort out and settle for a while, two large Fairs in quick succession is a bit wearing and also I am working towards trying to fit in a local one day Retro Fair sometime soon.  A new venture for me which I am quite looking forward to.