I feel a bit like a ‘crossing’ place, Uncle Robber and his lady Sue are flying out to America today for a long awaited holiday and my Other Half flies back in on Monday evening from Italy and his visit to his Sister. And I am sitting in the middle with lists of things  I mustn’t forget, to say, to do and to pass on!

And then on Thursday it is off to Stafford to set up for Bowman’s Antique Fair at the Showground.

A vague thought did enter my head that actually I might stand Donnington Antique  Fair, it is on this Monday morning and only half an hour away and then I thought of all the sorting and packing etc.  And decided that there really has to be two of us, then there is a chance that at 6am one of us might be functioning.  Notice I didn’t say awake!

I have enjoyed my week without himself but it is time that he returned.  We are two halves that make a reasonable whole.  We each do the things the other can’t and what is left over we argue about.

It is called Marriage, or in this modern age a Partnership!  Although that always sounds  like a business deal rather than a lifestyle!

How was that for modern parlance?  I have read the books you know!

And anyway I quite miss him.