My Other Half is away visiting his sister in Italy this week.  I hope that he is having a lovely time.

I never thought to send him with the camera, it is really lovely around where she lives in the Abruzzi, and hers is one of those villages perched on the top of hill that always look good to explore.

When she moved there about 35/40 years ago there was still a communal wash house where the women gathered once a week, all very old and traditional but over the years, just like here really, things have changed, mostly for the better.

It is a fair while since I have been, around thirty years ago I suppose, and I remember visiting even more remote villages where the dialect that they spoke was almost a different language to Italian and over the shop doorways, hung on hooks samples of what they sold instead of written signs.  Over the butchers was a sheep’s head dripping blood and covered in flies, and of course that was the one that has always stuck in my memory.

We visited Monte Cassino, spectacular!  A mountain in the middle of a vast flat plain and if you know anything about the 2nd World War and Italy you would immediately understand why the battle there cost so many lives.

And we visited Rome, on a heat filled day.  A fantastic City, so much to see and we were only there for a few hours.  Fantastic sights around every corner, just total overload really, like visiting London for an hour and then moving on.

He is only there for a week, so I don’t expect that he is tearing about sightseeing.  More likely sitting in the Village Square with a cup of coffee, watching the world go by, just as his Dad used to do when he visited.