I have just spoken to Aunty Pat in Italy, their weather is very similar to ours at the moment.  Dismal mornings, an odd thunder storm and glorious sunshine, rather randomly!

She is a far more efficient lady than me and has had her washing blowing on the line since 5am.  That is never going to happen here ‘not on my shift’, as they say.

What is the point in retiring if you can’t lay in bed beyond the alarm clock?  Setting it is an automatic action after all those years of children and going to work and the joy is being able to ignore its urgent shriek and turning over to read the odd chapter of whatever, or even just having a doze.  Because you can!

There are a lot of annoying things about being a Pensioner so ‘Carpe Diem’, hopefully that means  ‘seize the day’ and if it doesn’t ignore the Latin and use the English!  Use all the good things and zoom over the bad as much as possible.

I shall book-mark the above for a chapter in my ‘Little book of Pensioners’.  The writing task that I have set myself for next Winter!

Along with finish the Patchwork that I started when Kate (Now in her 40’s) was born and finish my Mother’s embroidery which I promised her I would do if she didn’t have time and clear out my Wardrobe!

And just in case, put a sign on the Wardrobe door which says’ Open with Care’!