Malvern Flea and Car Boot was,  as usual on a Sunny Bank Holiday Monday, enormous and after three and a half hours of steady walking we gave it best and gathering up all our purchases staggered back to the car.

I have known the day when no stall would have been left un-explored but we are showing our age now, slowing down and to be honest not so hungry for bargains!

I bought more maps.  Funny, as in an oddity, but when you have many of a thing, whatever, they just keep turning up and seem too good to reject.  And another truism is that if I am taking maps to Builth Wells, so will everyone else.  So mine will have to be better,  cheaper and more of a bargain than those of anyone else.  I am working on it!

I even found a few more sea charts, these were of the south coast.  I am looking for the west and Ireland now and I can set off to navigate the whole British Isles.  Not really, I have sold some of the original ones and so now I have gaps up the East coast.  Life is never joined up and perfect!

Today, we must start to load up for Builth Wells Antique Fair.  We are setting off on Thursday to unload and set up on Friday and so we only have the next two days, as always last minute merchants!  And we need to time to debate and discuss, a polite way of saying argue, what we should and shouldn’t take and how sensible it is to plan to drive home late on Sunday after trading all day and then packing it all up and loading.

Amongst other things I bought this handfull of I-SPY books yesterday.  The first things that I bought, mostly for nostalgic reasons and then because they fitted into my pocket and weigh next to nothing and I really need to buy less heavy things.  It doesn’t really work out though because then I went on to buy arm-fulls of maps and Victorian books and etc.


So the car springs will still be groaning all the way to Wales and so if the Gods of Antiques are smiling could we please sell lots of heavy!