This is the picture that I have put on my Facebook feed this morning.  I thought that someone who isn’t on there might just be interested in a complimentary ticket for the Fair in Wales next weekend, or indeed anyone really.  Seems a shame to waste it.


And these subsequent pictures are what I have posted over the last week or so, mostly of things that we will be taking with us to put on our stall.


Uranium glass, Victorian made by Westmoreland in USA, glows vivid green under a UV light.


Davidsons, Cloud Glass candle holders.  Lovely inky blue.


Time to stop, when the pictures start coming out upside down, however I shall have a few of these Sea Charts with me and some Aeronautical maps all hopefully the right way around.

So it would be nice to see you at Builth Wells, next weekend, come and say hello and should you want my spare complimentary ticket just message me.