Very late blogging today. it is now afternoon already.

Most of the morning got used up on the mundane and the rest on looking up Victorian glass.

I thought that if I joined in sorting my Other Half’s latest acquisitions I would get my kitchen back to myself all the quicker.  My Dad used to say “You know what thought did”, and I do “got no where”!

No sooner have we cleared the table than another lot appears, as if by magic and so I have left him to it for a while.

I still haven’t worked out how to download photos straight from my camera through the new printer and into my picture files so that I can download the pictures onto my blog etc.  Every thing else I can make work but at the moment I am having to print the photos and then scan them  back into the computer files.  So that is what I am supposed to be sorting but instead I am sitting here blogging!

I did enjoy watching the Bake Off last night and as much if not more watching the programme after it about Nadya, last years winner going visiting her relatives in Bangladesh.

Really got to go now, otherwise the whole day will just be frittered away.

Things to do and places to go.