I sat down to blog an hour ago, and then I looked at the clock and realised that I had to dash off.

An appointment with the Vampire down at the Doctors, just checking for this and that!

My theory is that if the system can keep pensioners busy with intermittent ‘be there or else’,  it will keep us all (pensioners and Vampires) busy and off the streets.

And lets face it, think how long the diddering queues at the super market check-outs and post offices would be if they didn’t keep us all busily elsewhere for large parts of the time.  And of course now we have retired we don’t have anything else to do with our time!

After all there is only so much Age Concern Bingo even an old person can stand, even one with dimming faculties.

Our desk calendar is littered with random dates, check your blood pressure, eyes, ears, width etc. And G… forbid that they should do these things all at once, or even maybe start with the problem you went for originally, probably indigestion!  They have you in their clutches and are always reluctant to let anyone of retirement age escape.

And when you get there, wherever, and have waited for hours (I usually take my sewing, and a book, and a snack) and finally get to face the inquisition, for that is what it feels like!  They look you in the eye and using your best Sunday Name that no-one except your Mother ever used,  tell you things that mostly you can’t remember at all afterwards,  in your relief to escape and get home!

I am not keen on being a Pensioner, but maybe you guessed!