Between us we cleared away most of the glass from the kitchen table last night before we went to bed and do you know what?  A whole new lot has turned up this morning.

Some nice pieces but rather sneaky I think!  Although he did make the coffee, so I forgive him.

And now I look around there are still several bits from the last box full still loitering awaiting labels.

I shall ignore it all, I am going out for the day anyway.  Hopefully with Tilly.  We still haven’t had her Birthday, Granny Day yet due mostly,  to her busy social life..

We are giving her a lift to pick up her exam results and if she wants moving on to Lunch and frittering a little money.  And if not I am quite capable of frittering money by myself.  It is a skill that I have never had any trouble with.

She (Tilly) was 17 years old in June. a young woman now.  I still can’t quite believe it, where did all those years vanish away to?

And best of all she is still utterly lovely.

Not a paragon of virtue, her bedroom is the  ‘Pits of Hell’ for which she is always in trouble and she is very absent-minded, not like me then.  But she is kind and caring (long may it last) and at the moment on a mission to save the world,  bit by little bit.

And as we all know ‘A little is better than none’.