It is nice to be home again after a week of perambulations.  I spent all afternoon yesterday pottering around the kitchen.

We are in the middle of washing what seems like a 1000 pieces of Victorian glass, actually there are about 300 I think.  My Other Half went to the Wirral to buy a collection and came home delighted with it all.  And I must say that it makes a nice change from Carnival Glass.

And in between the washing of glass, I made Cakes and finished off the cooking of  what turned out to be a rather nice Chicken Curry.

I don’t always get the cooking bit right but yesterday the Gods were obviously with me and I even managed a rather tasty loaf.

Grilled chicken and salad today!  I am not pushing my luck.

And my Other Half is going to watch Leicester City play against Arsenal, football of course.  But the kick-off is not until 5-ish this afternoon, so maybe we will have an early lunch and a late supper, who knows?  Apparently the times of the matches are dictated by the TV company, to suit their filming schedules!

Dismal and wet this morning when I got up.  The weather not me but now the sun is shining and I might even get yesterdays washing (clothes not glass) out on the line for a bit of a blow.  A joyous sight I always think, clean washing blowing in the wind.