We have had a busy few weeks.  Buying and selling (hooray) Antiques and cat sitting and generally enjoying the Summer.

Even today, gray and drizzly as it is, it is still warm and I just love warm.

I have said it before and no doubt I shall say it again in that pensioner-ish way but our old 1930’s house was built for the Summer weather.  And I would appreciate it if someone could remind me of that when I am moaning about the Winter draughts.

We went to look at a shiny, practical development of flats and houses yesterday.  Sanity says that we should be seriously thinking about them.  Small and neat, no maintenance, no gardening, near to civilisation etc. But we can’t do it, we would be trapped and die of boredom.

And to be honest it is not as if we throw ourselves into the domestic chores of keeping house but we do enjoy our own space, tatty though it may be.

So sorry kids, ‘gird your loins’ for when we can no longer cope with our little kingdom.

One day all this will be yours!