So the sun is shining, I’ve made scones, cheesy ones and plain ones for lunch.  The washing is blowing on the line and the only cloud in the sky, metaphorically speaking is that Hunt is still in charge of the National Health Service, still we can’t expect miracles!

This politics lark intrudes everywhere don’t you think, maybe we should just go back to having General Elections once in a while and them just ignoring us all in between.

Can it be good for our ( combined) blood pressure to be constantly faced with all this brain destroying thinking and commenting.

Although thinking about it according to the many Gods of Face Book/Twitter,  there are loads of old and decrepit people (of my age) who don’t have any brains at all and we shouldn’t be put through the stress of politics at all.  How thoughtful!

Oh, sorry I wasn’t going to lower myself and get into all this back biting nonsense.  But hey!  Who could resist?

Not me obviously.

Any way I really don’t want to over stretch myself, I am off for a nap in front of the tele.  Might just be in time for Bargain Hunt if they haven’t taken it off for the Special News which seems to last most of the day at the moment.

Oh before I go,  yes Mr. May did look quite fetching in his tasteful suit, just the right length and crisp shirt, he will make a good consort I think!