Beetle to Brexit and Politics and nasty people, we have been planting roses and breaking new ground in what used to be lawn is hard work and takes your mind off everything else.

Uncle Robber bought my Other Half two beautiful rose plants for Fathers Day and I am grateful that there were just the two.  Half a dozen would probably have done for us but they will look beautiful when they are fully grown.

Everything in the garden seems to have its year and this time it our roses.  They are glorious and covered in blooms.  The rain spoiled some of the white ones but even they are full of buds again now.

The resident Blackbird has kept his eye on us and every time we turn around he nips in to see if we have dug up anything juicy and delicious for his lunch.

And now we have come in for a cup of tea he is sitting on the fence singing his rain song.  I wouldn’t be surprised, the sky is that nasty grey colour again.