I have now been up-graded, Windows 10 me!  And a new Printer.  I am quite over come, everything is different and I am old and like same-ness and this modern world stretches what little brain cells that I have left to stressed levels.

Still here I am and providing you don’t want pictures at the moment everything else seems to be functioning.  The pictures are going somewhere but where I do not know.  I think that it is that last little ‘join slot A to slot Z’ that has done for me.

But given several days and bribing my Son-in-Law with more jam roly poly (he is getting quite plump at the moment), all will probably be well.

And although this last weekends Antique Fair at Stafford Showground was slow we did alright in the end, made a bit of profit,  after all that is the object of the exercise, and so we are happy.

There were undoubtedly fewer customers in the hall but there were road works at the gates of the showground and long, long diversions.  And many other events on around and about and football and the Grand Prix on the Tele so we had a lot of competition, and like I say we came good in the end.  Thank you once again to the Gods of Antiques!

And now we have three or four weeks before our next fair, at the Motor Museum at Gaydon, somewhere near Banbury I think.  So I am dusting off my Car Books and some Maps to try to tempt the car-mad men who drift bemusedly around the antique fair between seminars and exhibitions.

Today is the Summer Solstice and as it is pouring with rain and shows no sign of stopping I am delighted that I didn’t take up being a Druid.  I would have been up at dawn drifting around in a soggy white sheet waiting for the sun to rise, and waiting and waiting!

There is a lot to be said for a Religion that goes in for Roofs on a rainy day!