I am hunkering down, flak jacket and a tin hat and I am not sticking my head above the parapet to discuss any kind of politics with anyone for the next few weeks,  or even, maybe never.  Not even with my Other Half.  So there!

However I am quite happy to discuss Printers.  Ours is still sitting here sulking with a bright red ‘Error’ sign emblazoned across it.

Sadly it has to go.  I have even resorted to hoovering it out!   Just as my Fathers cure for most things was ‘hit it with a hammer’, my Mothers was to get out the vacuum, which is how she nearly blew herself to smithereens when our first television went wrong.

We have discussed Printers to death this week, read all the reviews and comments, taken/rejected advice freely given by all and sundry and today he has gone out alone into the big world to purchase a new one.

Really we are none the wiser, and when the last question he asked me was – Did I want black or white?  I knew that it was time for him to go.

He was reluctant to go alone, not because he can’t manage but because if it turns out to be a ‘wrong un’ he fears that he will undoubtedly get all the blame.  Which is probably true but after all he is a big strong gadget loving man, whereas I know nothing!

So I have stayed home and baked a cake.  It is what we women do best in times of crisis!