Today, according to the Weathermen/women, Summer might come this afternoon and maybe even last until about Monday!

If this is a truth, and not just an omen discovered by the throwing of chicken bones etc.  I shall be standing a car boot sale on Sunday morning.

My hall is full of things that over the months I have piled in there, to get rid of.  And I have decided for the sake of just getting rid of things, that we are having a £1 sale.  Everything on the table a £1 and I expect that people will still try to bargain and my Other Half’s blood pressure will be quite high.

In fact, it might be worth creeping out at dawn without him.  He forgets the object is to get things gone and would rather bring it all home and climb over it for the next 12 months than accept less than he thinks it is worth.  Where as I just want it gone.

He has told me that it really is time that we down-sized before we get too old and doddery, and has been forcing me to look at houses/bungalows but is still incapable of getting rid of junk!  We are at an impasse.

It will be quite hard enough thinning out the bits and pieces that I love without moving all the clutter as well.

It is not going to be an easy move!