Didn’t quite make my fortune in Harrogate but it was a lovely weekend.  We did have to work hard, and we did make some money but better really than all that we met friends, old and hopefully new, the weather was good, the food was good and the journey there and back was straightforward.  What more could we want?

And moving on, we are getting ready for Stafford, Bingley Hall in a couple of weeks, actually 17th/18th/19th June, so we have time to slump back into our Pensioner lethargy!

Or maybe not, we have been so busy since we got back.  we are still sorting the last collection of glass that my Other Half bought just before we zoomed off to Yorkshire.  Every time I can see the surface of the kitchen table before I can even sigh with relief another box full appears.  He assures me that there were only about 320 pieces but personally it seems like thousands.

We have helped Uncle Robber choose a new car, don’t ask me what!  I can tell you that it is silver coloured and looks sporty but other than that I don’t have a clue.  And just so that I don’t feel left out my little blue car failed its MOT and has gone for some TLC and although I don’t drive it often or far, usually down the village and back I am really missing it.  I have to keep asking for someone to drive me, very frustrating.

Yesterday we went to Malvern Antique and Flea, just buying and it was absolutely packed, customers and stalls and we were worn out before we had been around it all.  Usually we don’t like to miss any of it out but our little legs were worn to a frazzle and we never even got to go back to all the stalls that we had earmarked to buy from!  So actually we spent very little.

I did buy two splendid maps of Welsh Cave systems, ‘OGOF FFYNNON  DDU’ PENWYLLT, BRECKNOCKSHIRE’ surveyed by the members of ‘THE SOUTH WALES CAVING CLUB’.  I reckon that they are dated about 1970’s and at the moment I am mulling over whether or not to have them framed?  They are much longer than the average instant frame that you can get, and although they would really make a statement framed  I have to factor in the price of having it done.  I shall think about it.

And whilst my Other Half wasn’t looking I bought an old stamp album almost every page full, not ancient but probably 50’s/60’s.  He would have rolled his eyes and sneered at it but I love stamps.  It’s not worth a fortune but may make me a tiny profit and I shall have the joy of reverting to my childhood for a while.  I used to get those little books of stamps on approval every month and would agonise for days over which of the sets I could afford and then there was the great satisfaction in a bulging album.

That was all we bought, apart from a couple of home made pies and an ice cream cornet.  Cheap to keep really, but we both slept well last night.