Hooray!  The man is here to fix the house phones.  Just in time because all the extra strain on my Mobile has done for it.  The battery is dying.  I have had to recharge it every day this week and even I know that is not normal!

On a brighter note we have loaded the car for Harrogate, apart that is for the last few hundred bits that are lurking about waiting to be crammed in;

And so I just have to do the Grocery shopping, buy a new phone, and scrub the kitchen.  Would you believe that it has come un-scrubbed again!

Once we have unloaded and set up at The Yorkshire Antique and Art Fair, this Saturday and Sunday, I can relax, it doesn’t really matter about what we have forgotten and what didn’t get done in the domestic world, I can just chill and enjoy the Fair.  And lets face it, it will all still be there when I get home waiting for me!

Spell checker says, ‘No Writing Errors were found’.  I am so proud (preen), although I have noticed that it’s grammar and spelling are not always much better than mine!