It is turning into a complicated week, apparently now our house phones are not working.  According to a rather protracted conversation, if it can be called that,  with an automated system, no fault is showing but the Engineer will be round on Thursday morning maybe, if we have pressed all the right buttons.

As I have remarked here before, we are not to good at technology.  Proven by the fact that when I finally found my Other Half’s mobile phone (some one ringing to tell us our phone isn’t working}, it was full to overflowing with messages, stretching back to time immemorial!

It would be quicker by far,  to sent him a message by pigeon post, he would probably eventually notice a bird sitting on his head.  He doesn’t notice his phone ringing or bleeping and is always amazed when one of us points it out to him.

And messages are a whole other minefield, if he can find them, he has no idea how to answer them, so really there is no real point in sending them to him.

I have to admit that I have my blank moments but as he can’t I have to, whatever!

He is not daft, but in his head rations things out.  Anything to do with cars is his domain.  Anything else, Domestic machinery-wise he really doesn’t want to know and that includes the Heating system, Washing Machine etc.  they are mine.

Although he loves buying new machines and I seldom get to choose but once we have them, they are my responsibility.