book 001

A good book this one if you are looking up Carnival Glass (nice pictures) which we are at the moment.

The Tide of glass is rising although as a matter of importance my Other Half,  before he came to bed last night cleared a space on the cooker top for the coffee pot.  A very wise move, without my coffee I do not function on any level!

And as a treat for me he brought me a pile of Carnival Glass books as part of his latest deal.  We have most of them, including the one above and so I shall put them on my Stall to sell.  I am always trying to cadge some of his old Carnival Glass books but he will not part with them, can’t say I blame him, but they usually sell well.

I am adjourning to watch the Spanish Grand Prix on the tele in about 10 minutes, I am an addict, and at 3pm my Other Half will be listening with his ear glued to the radio to Leicester City’s last game of the season.  It would be really great if they could finish with a win over Chelsea.  I shall wear my Blue and White City scarf and shout a lot.

So a sporty afternoon from the comfort of our couch.