The tide is rising.  These are just the first little waves.

glass 001 glass 002

Maybe I should call them ‘Wavelets’ spread amongst the coffee cups.

Obviously my Other Half bought the collection that he braved the M25  for and now the real work begins.  Over 300 pieces in all to wash and identify and label and then pack away.  Some for the Antique Centre, some for our Stall and some to trade on.

I got up early this morning just so that I could use my kitchen before the Carnival Glass took over.  A good plan, this is only the first couple of boxes.  It is bound to get worse before it gets better.  And really we are on a bit of a dead-line as we have to unload the rest and clear it away so that we can load up for Harrogate ready to go on Friday morning.

The Yorkshire Antiques and Art Fair, Saturday and Sunday 21st & 22d May at the Great Yorkshire Show Ground.  We haven’t stood this Fair for about 18 months due to one thing or another  and it is one of my favourites, so I am looking forward to it.

Harrogate is always a joy, and this time of year in particular the countryside around there is truly beautiful, so it is no hardship to spend a couple of days up there.  And if I can fit in Lunch at Fodders a really good Restaurant on the edge of the Show Ground,  and tea at Betty’s Tea Rooms,  if you haven’t been there it is worth the trip all by itself, cakes to die for, I shall be a happy woman.   My Other Half, who is not really a dedicated ‘Foodie’ like me will sigh and moan and then lick his plates clean and eye-up mine.  I am slowly educating him!