My Other Half has just set off to set up his display of Carnival Glass in the Antique Centre in Leicester.  I had to exercise all my will power to wave him off, and not go with him, but I would interfere and spoil his fun.

We are poles apart on almost everything you can think of (how we have stayed together for all these years I do not know).    I like what I hope is tasteful and work on the less is more theory,  he likes value for money and will cram in as much as possible.  It is his glass, I will interfere another day, hopefully when he is having to re-stock because he has sold it all!

I have stayed  home to do domesticity and things and to moan about the dismal weather.  Where have the glories of the weekend gone?  The only consolation is that ringing my Sister-in-Law in Italy this morning she is moaning about the rain too.  Not just us then.

I have to write a shopping list, a sensible one, we have run out of all the basics and for dinner,  if you don’t mind something concocted out of 3 rather wizen new potatoes and an egg, and the crumbs out of the bottom of the cake tin you are welcome.

And when the sun shone I rather thought that I ought to clean the windows but now its raining, I seem to remember someone telling me that you shouldn’t clean windows in the wet!  I can’t think why but I am willing to go with that.  I might even have an hour or so left this afternoon to finish my library book.