It is all about the Carnival Glass for the next few days!

On Thursday my Other Half is off to somewhere near Guildford, possibly to buy a  Carnival Glass collection.  He, as always is very optimistic that there will be riches and rarities and I am less confident.  Apparently the man who collected it was always more of a Beswick man.  That is of course pottery and glass was just a little side line!  We shall see.

And after a long time thinking about it, we have signed up to put some glass into an Antique Centre,  so we are sorting pieces to take there.  Looking out nice glittery bits, in a range of prices.  Things that, hopefully will catch the eye.  Washing and polishing and re-labelling.

The Centre is on the Leicester end of Welford Road, and just around the corner from our Daughter’s house, and a few minutes walk away from the very ‘buzzy’ Queens Road.  All good things and if all else fails it gives me lots of excuses to go and eat cake with Kate.

VasCarnival-2099 Donnington 009

A ‘Good Luck’ and a ‘Peacock Tails’  Should catch the eye nicely, don’t you think?