It has been a while!

The more retired I get the less time I have for things.  The day gets used up before I have managed to fill it and so usually/always there is a whole load of stuff to carry forward.  Who knew!

I have started baking again.  I gave it up because we were getting fat.  I have taken it up again because I, even I a cake addict cannot stand most shop bought cakes and biscuits.  And if I am going to eat them and use up all those calories they have got to taste good and be worth the effort.

When my children were little I used to bake something or other on a daily basis, and garden and to be honest they rarely got shop bought treats.

They don’t seem to have turned out too bad for all that deprivation, and joy of joys my children both turned out to be able to cook and so can the Grandchildren.  Nature or nurture?

And we are getting back into our stride with the world of Antiques.  Over a year since my Other Half’s operation.  He will tell you about it in great detail if you ask, and sometimes even if you don’t,  even show you the scar!   And we are settling back into our little niche.  We have just come back from Builth Wells, nice people,  good Fair, lovely scenery, a little chilly but we made money, and in about three weeks we are off to Harrogate.  I am hoping that it will be warmer but the scenery and company will be good.

Rambling on again and I have to go now.  I’ll be back but maybe not tomorrow.  Dentist at 9am, stupid time for an appointment.  I expect that 6 months ago it seemed like a really good idea!